What is Builders Club North?

Builders Club North is your reward as a Home Builder or Remodeler. It’s your suppliers (who are Sponsors of Builders Club North) saying “Thanks for your business!”

Since 1989, Builders Club North has been the “frequent flyer” program for Home Builders. The program allows Home Builders and Remodelers to earn Club Points they can redeem for free. Rewards include exotic travel, quality merchandise and more!

Builders are enrolled automatically as Members and receive a monthly statement indicating their Club Points awarded from each Sponsor they purchased from the previous month.

How Do I Get Points?

Each Sponsor of Builders Club North awards Club Points for every $10 in purchases you make with their company. All Club Points are awarded at time of payment made within terms. Terms usually involve paying their invoices within a set number of days to get the Points. It’s easy!

Add up all the products that go into the building or remodeling of a home and it is easy to see how quickly you can earn that dream vacation or a great new stereo. Whether you do business with one Sponsor or 50, your Club Points continually grow.

Purchase from Our Sponsors + Pay invoice within terms = Club Points!

How Do I Redeem Points?

Club Points can be redeemed for merchandise, Builders Club North events, our wonderful Grand Destinations and more! Redeeming Club Points online is simple. Just log in with your Club ID and password, you will be able to check your account balance, redeem your Points, catch up on local Builders Club North News, and more.

Redeem Club Points for 

- Builders Club North annual Grand Destination trips
- Local Club events
- Merchandise
- Individual travel and more...

What’s the Catch?

There is none! It’s simply a valuable way for suppliers to say “thank you” to Builders and Remodelers for their business loyalty and prompt payments.

Contact Us

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